A complete Web Gateway and Secure Content Management solution includes real-time anti-malware protection for anti-virus, spyware, zero-day, zombie and rootkit protection that is predictive, preventative and reactive. As a gateway solution for HTTP it must be capable to find malware in any way a browser can download malware via HTTP thru the gateway, no matter what combination of content encoding, transfer encoding or content type is used and allowed.
Also it must be able to act if data is being exchanged on secured HTTPS connections.

Different archive formats must be supported as well as malware in different kind of office documents should be detected.

Your web gateway solution will support other features such as URL filtering, SafeSearch enforcement, content inspection and compliance solution, privacy filters etc.

It is sometimes not easy to verify the functionality and quality of your Web Gateway filter. This site is intended to help you verifying different test cases.
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Change Log

This CSM-Testcenter server exists since 2004 - kudos to Tim Lange for his great help to set it up and to host the site for many years.
The server started to die, introducing longer downtimes but the existing CSM-Testcenter sofware could not easily be ported to new hardware.
In September 2023, Cloud Fellows GmbH took over the site and has rewritten the software to fit today's cloud hosting need but otherwise kept the content changes at a minimum to preserve the existing experience and workflows.

Update in version 2.2.1 in November 2023:

Following changes have been introduced with the update in September 2023:

These changes are only the start of a fundamental update ot the test suite towards a new SSE-Testcenter.
Please let us know what you enjoy about the existing CSM-Testcenter and what kind of features your are missing and would like to see in future.

Just drop as an email at: