Content Types

Malware scanners located at HTTP/HTTPS proxy level should be able to scan malware in any content type and should not bypass files because of faked content types or unknown file name extensions.

Test these links with your HTTP/HTTPS proxy malware scanner. Every malware scanner is able to find the EICAR test string. Should your scanner fail with some of the formats, the retrieved test file will not do any harm to your computer. When executed, it simply displays a test string. More information on the web page.

EICAR test files

EICAR.COM ( HTTP | HTTPS ) The plain EICAR.COM file can be used to test your configuration. It should definitly be detected by every virus scanner.
EICAR.TXT ( HTTP | HTTPS ) The same file as plain text file may be bypassed by some scanners. Most browsers will display the file as text and won't execute it; still users would be able to save the file as
EICAR.GIF ( HTTP | HTTPS ) The EICAR test file coming as GIF image although it is not a GIF; depending on your browser this may be shown as a broken image or as text.
EICAR.COM ( HTTP | HTTPS ) The file with Content-Disposition header has not the .com file name extension but a Content-Diposition header that tells the browser with which name to save the file on disk.